Move Outlook Express to New Computer

How do I move emails from Outlook Express in my New Computer ?

Now days, when you are buying new desktop or laptop, you are getting default installation or Windows Vista or Windows 7. Both of these OS do not support Outlook Express. Because of this, you cannot move OE 2 new PC. But when your Outlook express emails are vital & includes all business transactions, you cannot let your Outlook Express emails go in dump.

To save you Outlook Express emails, you can move the Outlook Express mails into new computer by importing emails into Microsoft Outlook (email client comes with MS Office package).

Here, we presents Outlook Express to PST Conversion tool to help you move OE messages. This program is useful solution that support to convert mails of the Outlook Express into Outlook format. With this tool users are able to move Outlook Express email with complete attributes like - message content, message header (date, to, time, from, cc, bcc, subject), attachments, message format etc.

Outlook Express to Outlook program is the BEST solution that can be used to Move OE.

How to Move Outlook Express to New Computer - FREE GUIDE

Process includes 2 Phases -

  1. Working on Old Computer
  2. Working on New Computer

First Phase - Working on Old computer

  • Locate the Outlook Express files - OE emails stored in the DBX folder.
  • Collect and save all the OE DBX in a single place.
  • Import OE in a new computer with any flash drive, external Hard drives CD, USB drive, DVD etc.

Second Phase - Working on New Computer

  • Please make sure you have Ms Outlook installed with a valid POP3 profile.
  • Plug the Drive (USB, flash, CD, DVD, external HD) into your new computer. Your new computer will start detecting the drive.
  • Then move all Outlook Express DBX files into any local drive of new computer.
  • Download Outlook Express DBX to Outlook PST Converter tool

  • Download Free Trial to Move from Outlook Express to Outlook

  • Run DBX 2 PST Converter Tool (Start -> Program -> DBXtoPST Converter -> DBX PST converter).
  • Then you follow all steps shown in the image below -

With this tool, users can move Outlook Express to new computer in easy way. The program helps users to move Outlook Express yo new computer in batch mode. Now process to import Outlook Express messages in new computer have become is easy, simple, fast using converter tool - Outlook Express to Outlook.

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